Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery


Rhinoplasty Surgery is a surgery performed on the nose, to improve its overall functionality or alter its shape. It is performed for various medical reasons too. It is performed to improve your breathing abilities in case of problems. Also, it is done for many cosmetic purposes because it will alter the appearance and shape of your nose. This surgery can treat various problems, including:

  • Nostrils which are upturned, large or wide
  • Nasal tip, which is bulbous or dropping, enlarged, hooked or upturned
  • Nose profile with depressions or visible humps on the bridge
  • The size of the nose is related to your facial balance

Types of Rhinoplasty surgery

Nasal tip rhinoplasty
It focuses on reshaping the area instead of incision techniques. This procedure involves reshaping your nasal tip without affecting remaining nasal structures. It may use either a closed or open approach.

Open rhinoplasty
There is a small incision made under your nasal tip in this open rhinoplasty surgery. It is done exactly between your nostrils. It brings full access to your nasal structures. With increased access, it appears as an ideal choice for individuals who look for extensive reshaping. It will lead to scars, which are well-hidden in your natural nose contours.

Closed rhinoplasty
In this procedure, the incisions are created inside your nostril. It is highly suitable for people who look for minor adjustments or alterations to their nasal structure for achieving the required improvements. It does not create any visible scarring after the surgery.

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