Residency Application Services

Matching in a good residency program can be very challenging at times. You should be properly prepared to identify the programs that you want to apply. Our advisers are here to assist you with the complete process. We will help you with your ERAS application and will walk you through the complete process of residency application.  

Residency Application Assistance Services

Strategy for your personal statement.

Our experts will work with you in making a compelling personal statement. We will discuss your background and will advise you in making a personal statement that fits you perfectly.  

Personal statement editing

One your initial personal statement is prepared we will fully review it for language, grammar and clarity. We will also review it for content to ensure it highlights your background properly to maximize your opportunity. We will also help you portray your skills and achievement in the ERAS application.  

Resume Review

Our expert’s faculty members have been Directors of Residency program and they will critically evaluate your resume and will suggest edits to ensure your experience and background is captured in the best way.  

Residency Interview Coaching

The residency interview can include questions like, “What qualities and strengths make you a good physician?”, “What is your biggest fear in the realm of medicine?” and “Describe the best and worst incidents that you encountered in your medical school career.” Our expert faculty will give you tips to successfully attend a residency interview. We will do multiple mock sessions to analyze your weak areas and improve.  

Residency Database

We will provide your access to residency database which will give you data on 3000 plus residency programs in 18 specialties. The database will help you narrow down your options based on your Step-1 and Step-2 scores and your exposure to the US healthcare system. You can submit applications based on feedback from our database to increase your chances of getting accepted.   

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