About Us

Texila Education Management Services (TEMS)

Texila Education Management Services (TEMS) is specialized in providing support services for educating and guiding international medical students and graduates to prepare towards transitioning into residency programs in the United States.

TAU with its wide network of ACGME accredited teaching hospitals and clinical sites; TAU provides the opportunity for the International Medical Graduates and Students to:

Gain Hands-on clinical experience in the United States, which also caters to undergo “United States Clinical Experience” (USCE) as expected by several residency programs. Through the hands-on clinical experience program, the graduates also get the most valuable opportunity to obtain letter of recommendations which are key to enter the residency programs in the United States.

Our preceptors and attending physicians have many years of experience in providing tailored clinical teaching and exposure for international medical graduates and doctors to acclimate with the US healthcare system. Such clinical experience enables one to learn the subtleties and the black-and-white rules that are known to medical graduates from the medical schools in the United States.

Texila Education Management Services is promoted by Texila Education Consortium, a pioneer in the field of higher education worldwide. Click here to visit Texila education consortium website.