Externship Program

Externship Program

The Externship is a “hands-on” clinical experience. The Extern will be first to consult with the patient, performing an interview and exam. After presenting their assessment and plan to the attending and the attending confirming the findings, the Extern will have the opportunity to coordinate the appropriate tests, prescriptions, patient counseling and follow-up care.

The goal of this program is to provide a strong clinical experience as well as a basic overview of the American medical system as it is carried out at the Hospital setting. Externs can expect to participate, with their American colleagues, in the work of a Hospital that enjoys an outstanding international reputation for interdisciplinary coordination of education, research, diagnosis and treatment

Upon completion of the externship the extern will receive a Letter of Recommendation certifying their participation and describing their level of clinical acumen and proficiency. In effect, the LOR summarizes observations regarding the extern’s projected suitability as a candidate to a US residency program.

At the end of their training, all interns will receive a certificate of completion detailing their participation and length of rotation at the Hospital.

Flexible duration is 12 weeks and can go up to a maximum 24 weeks 

Externships are offered in ACGME approved teaching hospitals in the US 

Malpractice insurance coverage included 

Students can get letters of recommendation from attending physicians at the Teaching hospitals  

Visa documents assistance and guidance