Gastric Band (Lap Band) Surgery

Gastric Band ( Lap Band ) Surgery

Adjustable gastric band surgery is the most accepted weight loss surgery among all weight loss surgeries. Its features are like painless, least invasive, safe, reversible, less recovery time, with fewer side-effects etc. This procedure of weight loss is the lifelong commitment to successfully lose weight but if you are not really ready to carry this any further, you can reverse this at the same time. This surgery requires no cut and staple of the stomach or any other kind of re-routing of the digestive system.

To successfully insert band only small incisions are made around the abdominal wall. For this reason, there are no side effects of malabsorption or any nutritional shortage like other kinds of weight loss surgeries. Along with overweight You will get rid of related co-morbid problems like sleep apnea, hypertension, heart attack, respiratory problem etc

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