Knee Replacement

What is Knee Replacement?

Over a period of time, due to aging or injury, the knees might lose their flexibility. As a consequence, it becomes painful to bend the knees. It becomes difficult for people to move due to the bad condition of the knee joint and the surrounding cartilage.This hinders their performance in conducting everyday activities. In such cases, Knee Replacement is often recommended.

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure where artificial components are used to replace the damaged cartilage and the bone from the surface of the knee joint. It is also known as Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) or Total Knee Replacement (TKR). This procedure is successfully performed on people of all ages. In contrast, this procedure is not for children, whose bones are still growing.

In general, the knee functions as a hinge between the femur – which is known as the thigh bone and the tibia and fibula – which is known as the lower leg bones. Out over time because of arthritis or other such conditions the articulating surfaces of these bones wear and this causes pain and swelling. Thus, the very important goal of knee replacement is to successfully relieve pain, get a better quality of life, and maintain or improve knee function. Most knee joint operations are problem-free. It is found that great number of the patients get benefit from this procedure.

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