Orthopedic Surgery

Meeting of two or more bones is called joint and there are different types of joints in our body like the knee, hip, and shoulder. Joint replacement surgery comprises successfully putting a new one in the place of the damaged joint. The doctor who performs the surgery is called an orthopedic surgeon. Usually, joint replacement surgery is performed when there is harsh damage to the joint, bones, surrounding muscles or tissues.

Surgical intervention is performed where the pain becomes too much or movements of different types of joints in the body are strictly restricted. Every so often, the surgeon will not really remove the whole joint, but will only replace it.hip or knee replacement is often the most excellent option to stay active longer when people suffer from severe osteoarthritis. The replacement of joints like elbows, ankles, fingers, shoulders is also performed. Although the average age of patients is almost 70 years old, the trend appears to be leaning toward younger patients.

Knee Replacement

Shoulder Replacement

Hip Replacement

Elbow Replacement