TEMS with its wide network of ACGME accredited teaching hospitals and clinical sites; TEMS provides the opportunity for the International Medical Graduates and Students to: Gain Hands-on clinical experience in the United States, which also caters to undergo "United States Clinical Experience" (USCE) as expected by several residency programs. Through the hands-on clinical experience program, the graduates also get the most valuable opportunity to obtain letter of recommendations which are key to enter the residency programs in the United States.

Salient Features

  • Opportunity to do a residential program in US
  • To enhance the knowledge about the medical field with qualified medical practitioner and latest equipments in the hospital.

Advantages of the Program

  • Training the student on how to enhance and improve the chances for admission in US
  • Help students to develop ideas and a structure for the "personal statement" and other application essays
  • Show the student how to showcase the unique qualities and achievements, so that students will stand out in the admissions process in US
  • Coach students for medical school interview in US (including Clinical experience)
  • Steer you away from wrong choices (e.g., poorly regarded offshore schools) and into better options for success

Personal Attention

  • We are providing a personal attention for each individual student
  • We fully understand the needs and obstacles that international applicants face, which are different from US candidates